I have worked on this idea of a vision for a long time.  I’ve read websites, books, and even hired coaches to try and help me, but I could never really nail it down.  It seems strange that after all that, it didn’t come together, but it’s true.  At times I came up with a vision pretty quickly because I knew how important it was to have in order to build the life you want, so in my impatience, I rushed it and would come up with something pretty good, but it never stuck.  It never truly motivated me.  Then, in December of 2017, as I was searching for some good goal setting inspiration on YouTube, I stumbled across something that changed my perspective.

I came across a video by Stephan James of Project Life Mastery who spoke in great detail about his vision and purpose.  His approach resonated strongly with my philosophy toward life.  It put into perspective everything I learned in the past and made implementing a vision very tangible for me. I watched it 2 or 3 times and even transcribed most of it so I could shape it into my world.

I then worked on it, tweaked it and changed it to fit my life and what I want to do in the world.  This truly was a catalyst for me get moving in my life and start accomplishing some things and believing more in myself.

The vision itself is of course very important.  It is the set of life goals that you really want to achieve!  It’s all about what you want to do, who you want to become and what kind of legacy you want to leave behind for your kids and grandkids.  It is goal-setting without a time period and without limitations.  You don’t have to know how or when you’re going to do it, you just need to declare it to yourself and to the world!  Declaring it to the world helps keep you accountable for following and sticking to your vision.  Then reading it and repeating it daily helps to change the fabric of who you are.

You may not even nearly resemble the person you wish to be, but you’re also probably stuck in your own negative and limited thinking.  I’m not convicting you here, just saying it as it is.  I’m saying it as “I was”!  The process of reading it daily starts to trigger thoughts, imaginations and subconscious ideas to start figuring out how to make it happen.  Some call it cognitive dissonance, which is that difference between who you are and who you want to be.  Or what you want versus what you have now.

Your purpose is your WHY and that’s where you have to start.  If you don’t have a strong “Why am I doing this?”, whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish will fade away and die on the vine.  It is what ultimately drives you when you are tired, stressed, burned out and so on.  It’s what will indeed keep you going when you want to quit, and we all get there.

Since I’ve written my vision and purpose and read them almost daily for ONLY about 2 months so far, myself and my wife have noticed positive changes!  I’m more patient with her and kids.  I have a 4-year-old and a 9-year-old, which can be challenging for a guy at my age, I’m 48.  And frankly sometimes, I just want some quiet, but there are good and bad ways of communicating that and recently I’ve been choosing better ways to communicate.  In the first 6 weeks, I wrote and published my first book entitled Resume Writing: Secrets From a Corporate Recruiter On How To Land Interviews. I’ve wanted to publish a book for years and now I’ve finally done it.  I started a website, a blog, a YouTube Channel, Twitter page and Facebook page.  I’m telling you this stuff really works and my quick results are a testament to that!  The really exciting part is, this is just the beginning!!

So let me share what my vision and purpose are. I encourage you to create your own vision and purpose.  If any of this resonates with you, feel free to copy and paste any or all my vision and purpose and recraft it to fit your needs.  It’s my hope that it inspires you in some way.

My Ultimate Vision

■      My ultimate vision for my life is to be a true leader and inspiration to people in this world. Someone who positively impacts millions of lives through God’s incredible vision, and my determination, courage, passion, creativity, caring, and commitment.

■      For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11

■      I constantly help improve the quality of people’s lives worldwide by fulfilling my purpose in life of growing and giving.

■      I am a multi-millionaire and International Best Selling Author!!

■      I am an international keynote and Ted Talk speaker who is highly sought out.

■      I am a Christian songwriter and producer, reaching millions with God’s message.

■      I am Financially Free and live in total abundance doing whatever I want, whenever I want,  with whomever I want.

■      I continuously grow and evolve who I am to my maximum potential being the best I can be each day while sharing my gifts with people around the world with my books, talks, videos, blogs, social media, products, services, events, and coaching.

■      I am a philanthropist and a force for good that is dedicated to helping those in need to areas that I’m committed to serving in, specifically building 2 orphanages in the US, be a strong support for the battle against the sex trade and by installing 5 sustainable water treatment systems globally to bring clean water to underserved communities.

■      I give above and beyond to my church and maintain a helper fund for Christians to go on mission trips.

■      We take a mission trip each year to somewhere in the world to help provide basic needs, bring the love of Jesus and share the Gospel.

■      I have an incredibly loving, beautiful wife and have a passionate love affair that is growing every day.

■      I have mastered the Korean language and can speak fluently with my wife.

■      I have an extraordinary family life with my 4 children that I give unconditional love to and help shape into incredible human beings.

■      I have a close relationship with my family that consists of incredible communication and support which includes my mom, my brother, my sister, cousins, and nephew.

■      I have developed a strong relationship with my in-laws.  I can speak with them in Korean and we visit them at least twice a year.

■      I live in a multimillion-dollar home with a private beach in California.  I own a condo in Fiji, a cottage on the Korean coast, and a cottage in the Canadian Rockies.

■      My lifestyle consists of total freedom to travel which consists of a fun, adventurous vacation every 3 months while spending 2 months immersing ourselves in a new part of the world every year.

■      I’m constantly learning and expanding, attending seminars, reading books, and investing in programs and coaches that allow me to consistently make progress in all areas of my life.

■      I’m physically fit and weigh 170 lbs. at 8% body fat with unstoppable energy.

■      I have traveled the world, tried many exotic cuisines and have created so many magic moments with the woman I love Jun Jiyoung.

■      I have extraordinary friendships with successful, godly men and pastors that are supportive, fun, who challenge me and encourage me.  They are leaders and givers that I can share my successes and failures with.

■      I’m living a purpose-driven life that allows me to experience a deep sense of meaning and happiness and fulfillment every day, which gives more energy to do and give more!

■      I’m a master of my emotions consistently feeling peak levels of positive emotional energy and peace, consistently experiencing happiness, laughter, fun, passion, gratitude, peace, certainty, adventure, aliveness, and fulfillment.

■      I am a force for GOD and have a deep spiritual connection with God the Father, His son, my savior, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit!  I spend time with them daily and give humble thanks and praise to them for allowing me to be a child of the Kingdom!


My Ultimate Purpose

■      My Ultimate Purpose in Life is to humbly serve God by being a powerful and passionate example of the unlimited possibilities that life offers to any of us the moment we accept and rejoice in our Creator’s gifts to sincerely love and serve in all of His creations.

■      To live life to the fullest, to create magic moments, to feel fulfilled & happy on a daily basis!

■      To live life on my terms and to never settle for less than I can be, do, give or create.

■      Because the secret to living is giving!

■      Because I believe you get what you give in life, and it’s so important to give everything you can to help others.

■      I want to fulfill my potential as a human being on this planet by being a living example of the endless possibilities of the human spirit through God and to be an inspiration and role model to others because this is what God has put me here for – to live my mission and purpose in life.

■      To be remembered for what I did through Christ and create a legacy of goodwill.

■      To be a leader and a mentor to millions of people around the world.

■      To live a life of peak experiences, to be financially free and have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want with the people that I love.

■      To travel the world with the woman I love, Jun Jiyoung.

■      To feel secure in what I’m doing for God’s Kingdom.

■      To be alive to 95, full of energy, because energy is life.

■      To have Jiyoung to share my life with and grow old with.

■      Because my life has a meaning and a purpose and to honor that is the most powerful way to show respect for myself and God, my Creator.

■      By endeavoring to become more of myself in Christ and set a strong example of what’s possible for others.

■      Because I believe we only get one trip through this lifetime and it’s important to “enjoy the process“.

■      Because what we remember in the end is not all the things we’ve done or the money we’ve made, but the lives we’ve touched and the memories we’ve created along the way.

■      To take care of myself and have a passionate love affair with myself to ensure that I have more to give.

■      Because I want to reflect outward the gratitude that I consistently feel inside.

■      Because God isn’t as interested in my convenience as He is interested in my character and my obedience to Him.

■      To ensure that my body reflects the soul that I am inside.

■      To give my loved ones absolute certainty about my love for them, that lasts far beyond my physical years on this planet.

■      To feel happy and excited about my life, so I can give more and share more and experience more.

■      To have a blast, to create an unbelievable story, to leave behind a legacy that grows and inspires my family for generations to come.

■      To be a role model to my children and my family members.

■      To be a leader and a force for good.

■      To change the lives of local children by providing an orphanage to care for them and share God’s love.

■      To change the lives of dozens of children by funding and building 2 orphanages in the U.S.

■      To be a strong force for good in the battle against the sex trade!

■      To provide clean water for at least 5 communities globally.

■      To enjoy all that life has to offer, including travel, luxury, peak experiences, positive emotions and to max out my experience of life.

■      Because it’s not about what you’ve accomplished or received in life, but it’s about who you’ve become and what you’ve given!

Thank you so much for reading this far.  It really shows that you’re already committed to making a positive change in your life and for that, I want to congratulate you!

To see the video associated with this blog, click: https://youtu.be/raSAc7NtbIQ

I will have more to share soon about my annual and monthly goals.

In the meantime, God Bless and Be Powerful!

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