In my recruiting career, I have recruited for over 8 years.  I started in agency recruiting where companies would pay me a fee to find them candidates who would be a great fit for their organization.  During that time I learned how to best present candidates so that they would most likely get an interview.  In the past few years, I have been a corporate recruiter who would find quality candidates for the company I work for.  In that capacity, I have learned, from the inside, what hiring managers are really looking for and what they really want to see.

I have placed candidates from the front line in customer service or factory positions to accountants, pharmaceutical scientists, sales managers, engineering managers, marketing professionals, IT professionals, directors, and a CFO.  Between these experiences and having read thousands of resumes during those years, I have boiled it down to some basic things you need to do if you really want to get noticed.  If you are a beginner at writing a resume, getting back into the job market after a long career, or a seasoned resume writer looking for some higher level tips, you can find value in this book.

You can find my book on in ebook form for Kindle and in paperback.

Book 2 of the series now in progress will be “Interviewing For Success”.  The third book of the series will be “The Art of Networking”.  These books will complement each other and should prove good value to help you advance your career!

If you have any questions or comments about this book or what you would like to see in future books, please leave them below.



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