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I’m Greg Austin the founder of Austin Empower Methods.  I have over 8 years’ experience as a Recruiter in both agency and corporate settings.  I’ve read thousands of resumes, conducted hundreds of interviews, and consulted with dozens of hiring managers and corporate leaders.

Through those experiences, I’ve learned what will catch the attention of both recruiters and hiring managers.  My desire is to help people advance their careers, so I started by writing “Resume Writing: Secrets From A Corporate Recruiter” and designed this website to help others land new jobs and advance in their careers through relevant blogs.

I’ve seen so many avoidable mistakes made on resumes and in the interview room that I felt compelled to provide answers to the many questions and concerns brought up by candidates wishing to succeed.  The next books to come out will be “Interviewing For Success” (in progress) and “The Art Of Networking”.

The primary mission of Austin Empower Methods is to empower you to grow and succeed in every area of your life in which I can help: career, business, relationships, health, emotions, mental-fitness, parenting, and spirituality. I do this by offering real experiences (mine and others) and tactical/proven methods that you can sink your teeth into and implement right away.

I hope you join me on this journey and I look forward to making a positive impact in your life!!

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